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Your place in the world is special. Your deepest joys thrive in simple moments like intuitively knowing the tastiest and nutritious thing on an unknown menu. Its being a badass, and a powerful goddess who deserves and demands respect. With Energy Work and Massage (if you live in Louisville),you feel spaces in you open up and guide you to seeing every day as precious and lively.


It’s Time For a Change

Work is easy. You are recognized, loved and that you can go anywhere you want. You hit every deadline and you’re not so fabulous boss will be replaced with an out of this world one. One day you will be your own boss. With each session your intuition deepens.

Even the not so savory parts of your life, such as fight with your partner will unearth a treasure trove of information to transform you into better person.  You know which thoughts are your own. You know which desires are truly yours and you rush at them with abandon. Everything you attract is sparkles and unicorns.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Wanna Learn How to Take Care of Yourself?

You can also give the gift of Massage today!

Your safety and the safety of your loved ones and possibly people you’ve never met are of the upmost importance to me. Because of this, I have created a series of protocols to make sure I am doing everything I can do make sure the chances of Covid-19 are slim. These protocols include.

No contact intake forms and interviews. Intake forms are emailed to you when you sign up for a treatment. If it proves too challenging, no worries at all. I’ll call you ahead of time or we’ll fill it out over the phone before your appointment. When you arrive to the studio, we’ll also do a quick intake interview over the phone to see how to customize your bodywork session.

  • Telework when possible. I’m strongly encourage all Intuitive Sessions be conducted over the phone or on Zoom. If you still prefer in person, we can do that and of course will still be adhering to in-person protocols. Massage coaching is also available.

Social distancing will be happening when we aren’t in session.

Temperature checks with a no contact thermometer as well as oxygen check with a oximeter are also performed when entering the studio.

Masks are required at all times. If you don’t have a mask, don’t worry we will provide one for you.

Masks in Bodywork Treatments. When you are laying face down for bodywork treatments, you won’t need your mask, but will for when you on laying face up and for the floor work aspect of the treatment.

-Sanitization. All high touch surfaces are sanitized with a Covid-19 recommended cleaner between clients

Cleaning. Studio is deep cleaned once a week.

-Less Porous Surfaces. All fabric surfaces have been removed from the studio.

-PPE I wear eye protection as well as a mask during treatments. I also change clothes between clients. 

-Regular Testing. I get tested for Covid-19 twice a month.