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Chakra Medicine 101

Saturday, February 8 at 9 am-12 pm.-Chakras are energetic organs that are the source of a vast amount of energetic information. Each Chakra has access to very particular aspects of body, mind and spirit connections. By accessing the wisdom of your own personal energetic road map, you have deeper insight and help in creating the world in alignment with your soul’s path.

Chakras carry all the information of everything that has ever happened during your soul’s journey. By accessing this wisdom of the Chakras you can pull forward the spiritual fortitude and resilience you have build on your spiritual journey.

In this class we’ll be diving into

-How you can use Chakra Wisdom to Navigate through your day!

-Working with interconnection of how the chakras interconnect to each other as well as how they interconnect to our relationships.

-Working with Time and How to introduce New Energies to stagnant spaces.

-Using Writing to track and understand energetic knowledge.

-Using Drawing on how to understand the energies within your chakras.

-How to use words and speak to the energies within the chakras!


Only $30 for this 3 hour class!

You can also sign up the Alchemy of the Full Moon at 50% off with this class!

Full Moon Alchemy Sound Ceremony

Sunday, February 9 at 6 pm-7:30 pm.-Please come for an Intention Setting Ceremony harnessed with the power of the Full Moon. In this Intuitive Sound Bath/Energy Clearing where Energy Healer Krista Matheny listens to your guides and tracks energies that are asking to be balancing. This is transformed into a guided meditation that is physical and deeply energetic. Crystal Alchemy Bowls provide a sound bath that clean out deep patterns in the chakras and also detox your body.


You can also sign up for Chakra Medicine 101 and save  $10 for the Full Moon Ceremony

All classes are held at Luv Yourself, located at 224 B Breckinridge Lane, Louisville Ky 40206.

You can also look up Luv Yourself on GPS.

Studio and Parking is located in the back of the building as well!