Energy Healing Yoga

Mondays at 6

6:00 pm at the Louisville Spiritualist Center,

1011 S 1st Street
Louisville, KY 40203

This a therapeutic yoga class that is designed towards building awareness on how the body’s energy systems and physical structures meet in movement. Very gentle and meditative, You will leave refreshed, relaxed and more aware of your divinity within. It is a combination of meditation, gentle movements and safely sinking into our body in a calm and relaxed manner

“That sacrum work last night had a huge effect on me. It is weird because I didnt feel like I did anything crazy, but that area was like “hot” all night after. I was afraid I over did it. Woke up and I felt GREAT. No hip pain. Im amazed. You are freaking Magic.”
– Jess O Massage Therapist

Please call (502) 791-5747 for more info!

You can RSVP your spot here!

Empath Development Group

Tuesdays at 7
Louisville Spiritualist Center, 1011 S 1st Street Louisville, KY 40203

Building awareness on have to discern the energies around you and to fortify your own natural gifts. Empaths have the unique opportunity to deeply feel the emotions and energies of others, however this is a both a blessing and a burden unless properly managed. In this weekly class, you will learn how to protect, discern and flourish with your own special gifts!


You can RSVP your spot here!